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  • Annina Hirschi „Who is in charge? Do dogs look to their owner or to a stranger for help when faced with an unsolvable task?” Masterarbeit (Vetmed), Universität Bern. Publikation
  • Katja Senn „Addictive-like behaviour towards toys in dogs and relationship with impulsivity”. Masterarbeit (Vetmed), Universität Bern.


  • Lisa Stolzlechner „Effects of early challenges during the socialization period on future behaviour of dogs”. Masterarbeit (Biologie), Universität Wien (in Kooperation mit Prof. Thomas Bugnyar). Publikation
  • Priscilla Moser. „Intermittent feeding during the veterinary examination to reduce stress in dogs. Masterarbeit (Vetmed), Universität Bern.
  • Rebekka von Büren. „Entspannungstraining in der Verhaltensmodifikation bei Hunden – Fragebogenstudie und Herzratenmessung”. Masterarbeit (Vetmed), Universität Bern.
  • Nadine Zimmermann (2020) „Differences in face and body actions during positive anticipation and frustration of dogs”. Masterarbeit (Vetmed), Universität Bern.
  • Federico Monteleone „Interspecific and solitary playing styles in pet dogs and effects of the owner-dog relationship on play behaviour”. Masterarbeit (Biologie), Universität Bern.
  • Astrid Böhm, „Training dogs to voluntarily participate in medical procedures – effects on behaviour and physiology during a veterinary examination”. Masterarbeit (Biologie), Universität Wien (in Kooperation mit Prof. Ludwig Huber und Dr. Christine Arhant).


  • Alina Bonorand, „Referential looking is a consistent individual trait in dog puppies”. Bachelorarbeit Biologie, Universität Bern.


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  • Nicole Sutter, BSc Biologie „Facial expressions during conditions of positive anticipation and frustration in domestic dogs”. Bachelorarbeit Biologie, Universität Bern.


  • Sarah Bütler, BSc Biologie „Preference for constant vs varied food reinforcement in pet dogs”. Bachelorarbeit Biologie, Universität Bern. Publikation